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The BUtiful Film Festival gives you the amazing chance of winning 2 tickets to watch the new Hobbit film directed by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings trilogy), starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Evangeline Lilly, Orlando Bloom, Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett and many more.

We have to free tickets to give away to one lucky BUtiful follower, for the first release date, the 13th of December at 8pm at the Odeon Cinema in Bournemouth!

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Terms and conditions:

– Everyone (apart from categories mentioned below) can enter the contests, even though they haven’t attend the Festival!

– Participants do not necessarily need to be students

– No organiser of the BUtiful Festival is allowed to enter the contest

– All participants entering should be able to go to watch the film at the Bournemouth branch of the Odeon Cinema

– All participants understand the time and date of the screening of the film and that tickets cannot be changed to another time/date

– Participants should enter the contest with fair intentions and BUtiful Film Festival and its organisers are not responsible for incorrect ways of entering the contests by the participants (ie. posting under fake name)

All winners of BUtiful 2013

Best Cinematography and Best Direction

Judged by Ian Sutherland and Stephen Reynolds

goes to:

Mi Ojo Derecho (Spain) – Directed by Josecho de Linares

The director also receives a completely free creative cloud suite by Adobe! 

horizontal line one.5Best Script

Judged by Rosie Cullen

goes to:

Dos Caras (Argentina) – Directed by Francisco Bendomir

horizontal line one.5Best Documentary

Judged by Ray Marlow

goes to:

Один (Ukraine) – Directed by Alina Golovina

horizontal line one.5Best Animation

Judged by Jahirul Amin

goes to:

The Night Light Monster (Luxembourg) – Directed by Nicola Coppack

horizontal line one.5Best Drama

Judged by White Lantern Film

goes to:

Decisiones (Spain) – Directed by Iván Miñambres

The director also receives a completely free mentoring advice for his next film script by White Lantern Film! 

horizontal line one.5BUtiful and Butterfly Award (Audience Choice)

goes to:

Strange Fruit (Israel) – Directed by Hili Noy and Shimi Asresay




Award Competition


BUtiful Film Festival is giving you the chance to create the design for its official Awards! If you a BU or AUCB student, download the PDF below with all the relative information to enter the competition!

PDF Award Competition

Drama Selected Films BUtiful 2013

Here there are the official selected films for the upcoming edition of the BUtiful Film Festival for the Drama category*. We would like to thank all filmmakers that entered the Festival this year and congratulate to all of them for the amazing work they have produced! See you all the 23nd of November in Kimmeridge House at Bournemouth University for the screening of the Drama films!

1. No Hay Pan (Chile) – Directed by Macarena Monrós

No hay Pan Poster

Synopsis: Luis (72) is the owner of a little grocery store that suffers a sudden downturn when a supermarket sets up in its neighborhood and he is told that he’ll no longer be provided with bread. The man faces a crossroads: closing the store, or finding another bread supplier to keep his business open.

horizontal line one.52. Typist (Israel) – Directed by Sergey Vlasov

Typist Poster

Synopsis: In an underground world a group of typists are typing texts constantly. Suddenly one of the keyboards gets broken and the typist has to exit the room to find a new keyboard. He is the first one to exit this very room ever.

horizontal line one.53. Ma Foret (Belgium) – Directed by Sébastien Pins (Website:

My Forest Poster

Synopsis: With the view of a child, travel throughout the forest to discover its magic, its mysteries and its meetings…

horizontal line one.54. Margerita (Italy) – Directed by Alessandro Grande (Website:

Margerita Poster

Synopsis: Efrem, gypsy boy and skilled pickpocket, faces his first theft in an apartment. An experience that will change his life.

horizontal line one.55. Cowboy Und Indianner (Germany) – Directed by Jan-Gerrit Seyler (Website:

Cowboy and Indians Fotogramma

Synopsis: A young soldier, who has just returned from his foreign assignment, is standing outside Karin’s door. David survived – but he’s the son of another mother. This is a story about loss, guilt and a broken heart that finally starts beating again.

horizontal line one.56. Lifever (France) – Directed by Ted Hardy-Carnac

Lifeever Poster

Synopsis: Karine is 16 and lives with her mother. Every day, she chats with her father, on the phone or on a webcam. One evening, Karine’s mother announces her that their financial situation has become very precarious. The whole family balance is questioned. Now, it’s really time to tell it. But tell what? And to whom?

horizontal line one.57. No hace falta que me lo digas (Spain) – Directed by Julio Montejo and Manu Montejo (Website:


 Synopsis: Berto and Olivia set everything up waiting for the arrival of Marisa, their mother, hoping that today, everything changes once for all.

horizontal line one.58. Zinneke (Belgium) – Directed by Rémi Allier

Zinneke Poster

Synopsis: Nine year-old Thomas spends most of his days at the flea market closely observing the wheelings and dealings of the market’s sellers . His desire to be one of them leads him to embark on a one-night adventure that overwhelms him.  From a kid’s eye level, this is a decisive life moment,  a rite of passage, a journey into the world of adults… Towards new realities, far removed from those of a child.

horizontal line one.5

9. Shame and Glasses (Italy) – Directed by Alessandro Riconda (Website:

Shame and Glasses Poster

Synopsis: Mirko has to face his worst fear: wearing glasses. That is the only way to do his school test, but what would happen if the young girl he is secretely in love with could see him?

horizontal line one.510. Dios por el cuello (Spain) – Directed by José Trigueiros (Website:

Dios por el cuello Poster

Synopsis: It’s Sunday, and Pablo, 8 years old, has an invitation to a very special but also forbidden birthday party. It’s Sunday, and for the first time, Pablo is going on a door-to-door preaching with his mother. It’s Sunday, and behind each door, there is a challenge, a test, a surprise. It’s Sunday.

horizontal line one.511. Dos Caras (Argentina) – Directed by Francisco Bendomir

Dos Caras Poster

Synopsis: Sergio, a video games fanatic who makes a living copying and selling movies, accidentally discovers an old Russian jewel, which really catches his eye, hidden in his girlfriend’s grandmother’s house.

horizontal line one.512. Ahora, no (Spain) – Directed by Elia Ballesteros and Kate Campbell

Ahora, No Poster

Synopsis: Spain,1977. Franco has just died but the ghosts of the old regime still linger. Colonel Asensio has gathered his family and friends to celebrate his birthday. The party is going perfectly. But one of the guests holds a secret that has been buried for many years and that refuses to stay hidden. Over the course of the evening Cata, the colonels daughter, will be forced to confront a very different reality to the one she has always known, a reality that will change her life forever. The truth is uncovered in the silences that speak, and the looks that try not to. Through the words that are left unsaid Cata begins to discover a new history for herself and those around her. And just as Spain must acknowledge its own past, the Asensio family will have to confront their own history.

horizontal line one.5

13. Therion (Spain) – Directed by Pepe Botias and Mario Garcia

Therion Poster

Synopsis: In a post-war Spain cursed, god fearing, Carlos not a child either. Suffer strange attacks that frighten those who know him. Only one solution seems possible.

horizontal line one.514. Mi Ojo Derecho (Spain) – Directed by Josecho de Linares (Website:


Synopsis: Zurdo maintained a special relationship with his grandmother. Since he went away to study they have lost contact. On the last day of summer Zurdo decides to visit her with the intuition that he might not see her again.

horizontal line one.515. Rood (Netherlands) – Directed by Jasper ten Hoor (Website:

Rood Poster

Synopsis: It’s been 20 years since the horrible events that happened to Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. But even though the wolf has been defeated and thrown into a well by the huntsman, the horrors that occured that day still trouble her. And when she finds evidence that the wolf might still be alive, she decides to take matter into her own hands. No longer does she want to be the victim and wants to face her deepest fear on her own.

horizontal line one.516. Il Mese di Giugno (Italy) – Directed by Valerio Vestoso (Website:

Il mese di Giugno Poster

Synopsis: A young couple arrives in a desolate restaurant in Campania, to pay the holy communion lunch of their daughter conducted a month before. The manager of the place, don Antonio, is an unfriendly, chatty, cynic seventy years old man, who proudly spread the tipical experience of his age and his personal story, historic patrimony of whatever restaurateur. The mutual kindness in hearing each otherdissipates when they arrive at the speech’s core:the bill. Don Antonio does not want to make a discount, because of his expenses; the sposes, from they part, pretends a little discount on the price, claimed to have consumed just one part of the lunch, because of amysterious event, which made it impossible to continue. Disappointed from their moral blindness, Don Antonio prefers to nullify the debt and give the whole lunch as present, just to avoid to confron with his speakers, representative of a missing generation, parallized from the apathy towards the life.

horizontal line one.517. 8 Ay (Turkey) – Directed by Hüseyin Aydın Gürsoy (Website:

8 Ay Poster

Synopsis: Halit is an old retired man, who lives in a small village in Turkey. His life is planned around his phone calls with his son every Thursday who is making the military service.

horizontal line one.518. Ein Augenblick in mir (In the Nick of Time) (Germany) – Directed by David M. Lorenz

Ein Augenblick in mir Poster

Synopsis: Arne wants to kill himself. But once he is standing on the chair with the rope around his neck, he suddenly discovers a small child staring at him from the window of the building across the street. He starts communicating with the unwanted observer, not foreseeing what this encounter has in store for him… A tragicomedy about slumbering urges, hidden yearnings and the forgotten child in all of us. A short film about passion and the arts.

horizontal line one.519. Decisiones (Spain) – Directed by Iván Miñambres (Website:

Decisiones Poster

Synopsis: It’s not easy to make decisions and, even if we sometimes don’t pay much attention to the process, life doesn’t stop, nor does it stop presenting us with crossroads at which there is a decision to be made. Without knowing very well how he ever ended up there, a scruffy young man wanders through a puzzling dream in which the only things he finds are dilemmas that arise from within the darkness, and a man who not only doesn´t tell him how to get out of there but rather strives to resolve them.

horizontal line one.520. Ska Braedder (Denmark) – Directed by Anton Breum

Skrå Brædder Poster

Synopsis: Lena, a young actress, has sacrificed everything for her marriage with her director and co-actor Axel. They are very successful on stage but lead a harsh and unloving relationship behind the curtain. When Lena is tempted to leave Axel the conflict arises.

*Please note that the Films list is purely random and therefore doesn’t reflect a specific numeric/judging order.

Animation Selected Films BUtiful 2013

Here there are the official selected films for the upcoming edition of the BUtiful Film Festival for the Animation category*. We would like to thank all filmmakers that entered the Festival this year and congratulate to all of them for the amazing work they have produced! See you all the 22nd of November in Kimmeridge House at Bournemouth University for the screening of the Animation films!

1. 850 Meters (Belgium) – Directed by Joeri Christiaen (Website:

850 Meters Poster

Synopsis: A not-so-brave knight is on a quest for Fame and Fortune – legend says rescuing a princess is the way to go. And in those same fairy tales, there’s only one way to slay the dragon that hold the fair lady captive : find the invincible sword. To reach his goal, the knight is ready to go far. Maybe even as far as 850 meters..

horizontal line one.5

2. The Hungry Corpse (United Kingdom) – Directed by Gergely Wootsch (Website:

The Hungry Corpse Poster

Synopsis: A short tale set in London’s bustling, yet desolate Trafalgar Square about an ancient, rather hungry Corpse and… a Pigeon. Voiced by Bill Nighy (‘Love Actually’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’) and Stephen Mangan (‘Green Wing’) the film is a tale of companionship but also, a textural imprint of a dark, monochrome London from the perspective of a still, solitary protagonist. Produced as part of the first year of the Collabor8te short film funding scheme, The Hungry Corpse is a result of a fond collaboration between scriptwriter James Pout and Royal College of Art alumni animator Gergely Wootsch. The film was produced by Beakus in London and is expected to screen at festivals throughout 2013.

horizontal line one.53. The Night Light Monster (Luxembourg) – Directed by Nicola Coppack (Website:

The Night Light Monster Poster

Synopsis: A young girl is haunted by the dark in her bedroom and pulled into an imaginary world. She unexpectedly awakens the Night light monster who helps her overcome her fears.

horizontal line one.54. Tule Lake (United States) – Directed by Michelle Ikemoto (Website:

Tule Lake Poster

Synopsis: During the Japanese American internment of World War II, a woman held at the Tule Lake segregation camp with her family leaves her barracks one winter night…] In the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II, over 110,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry were, by government order, forcibly relocated to internment camps across the country. Surrounded by barbed wire and guard towers, the Tule Lake “segregation center” in northern California was the largest of such camps and did not close until after the war. Set in the winter of 1943 after martial law was imposed on the camp, “Tule Lake” is an animated short film about perseverance, based on the true story of one internee and her actions one night.

horizontal line one.5

5. Gerdas Vej (France) – Directed by Jérémy Pailler (Website:

Gerdas Vej Poster

Synopsis: A long time ago, the Devil built a mirror with maleficent powers : each thing reflected in it looked ugly and distorted. When the mirror was accidentally broken on Earth, millions of evil pieces infected people’s hearts and souls. One day, one of these pieces lodged itself in the heart of an innocent young boy. He became presumptuous and mocking, leaving his best friend behind, a little girl named Gerda. He didn’t enjoy the beauty of simple things anymore. Seing in him a being like her, the Snow Queen came to the little boy and took him with her. Gerda will search for her friend everywhere and will learn many life lessons on the way. “Gerdas Vej” is a variation on “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen. 

horizontal line one.56. La nuit américaine d’Angélique (France) – Directed by Joris Clerté and Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet (Website:

La Nuit American D'Angelique

 Synopsis: When she saw François Truffaut’s « La nuit Américaine / Day For Night» Angelique discovered that it was possible to dream up her life. To feel like Nathalie Baye, to get her father’s admiration, to chose an inexplicable job, as so much prospects opened up by this movie. It would have taken some years to the young woman, to understand that cinéma doesn’t resolve all issues even if it opens to huge pleasure of freedom.

horizontal line one.5

7. Strange Fruit (Israel) – Directed by Hili Noy and Shimi Asresay

Strange Fruit Fotogramma

Synopsis: The daily routine of father and son is interrupted by an encounter of an unfamiliar boy, different from them in color. An allegory to racism as an acquired cultural epidemic, the story discusses the question of personal conscience versus education and environment. Can we really insist on our personal belief system, when what we must believe in, is dictated to us?The film presents how easily we acquire fear and hatred of foreigners, as well as how easily we might become the “strangers” and “others” ourselves.

horizontal line one.58. Γιατί απλά δεν με βλέπεις (Why can’t you just see me) (Greece) – Directed by Eleni Tomadaki

Why can't you just see me Poster

 Synopsis: A lifetime attempt to find the perfect way to express oneself, in order to be seen by another one.

horizontal line one.59. Secchi (Nerds) (Italy) – Directed by Edoardo Natoli


Synopsis: This is the story of Gianenzo: First place in national chess, drawing, singing, arithmetic, piano and chemistry, all tied with his arch enemies Luigifausta and Pancraziomaria. The examination of fifth grade is upon us. Who will win the scepter of class nerd? 

horizontal line one.510. O Solidário Não quer Solidão (Brazil) – Directed by Carlon Hardt and Lucas  Fernandes (Website:

O Solidário Não quer Solidão Poster

Synopsis: The project 3 Music Video – 1 Short Film is a proposal unheard of perform three music videos, three artists different, which together form a short film. Performed using different animation techniques (2D traditional, rotoscoping and stopmotion), 3 Music Video- 1 Short Movie unites The songs The House is Yours, Arnaldo Antunes, I Remember, Fernanda Takai partnership with Andy Summers (The Police) and Sock Ball, Marble Milton Nascimento. Although not forming a traditional story, with a beginning, middle and end. The three music videos reveals fragments of the same story, sewn through common elements, and main: the main character and his home. While Sock Ball, Marble tells the history of the relationship of a father and his son, I Remember shows the situation of a love Platonic, and in The House is Yours illustrates symbolically the feeling of longing. At the end, who’s who in this story, what came before, what came after and why of many things are the responsibility of the viewer to interpret.

horizontal line one.511. Brenville’s Animated London Sketchbook (United Kingdom) – Directed by Nathan Brenville (Website:

Brenville's Animated London Sketchbook Banner

Synopsis: I wanted to make a film using the material in my sketchbook (which focuses on my favourite places in London, but is interspersed with little bits of explanations, comments and comic-book scenes). The challenge was to find a way of transferring this to the screen, providing a narrative structure whilst maintaining the emphasis on location drawing and the diversity of places in London. I decided the best way to do this was to explain the reason I started keeping the sketchbook in the first place, using a cartoon caricature of myself as the central character. I was keen to have a hand drawn aesthetic to the project, and to mix the styles as much as possible to fit in with the variety found in my sketchbooks. There is traditional pencil animation, pen and ink, cutout, Flash, and TV Paint. Because of the amount of material in my sketchbook, and trying to cover the whole of London, I felt it best to make this film the ‘starting point’, or introduction, in a planned series of shorts. I have already scripted future episodes; one on the history of St James Park, and another on Crystal Palace.

horizontal line one.512. You Were so Precious (France) – Directed by Mi-Young BAEK (Website:

You were so precious Poster

Synopsis: A poetic animated short film about lost belongings: There is an underground world, different from the world that ordinary people live in. Things that have been forgotten float down to this world, where Dong-Ja and two rabbits live. They are the first and the last beings to listen to the stories told by the forgotten items. One day, a strange glass bottle floats down to this world. There is a letter in the bottle, and Dong-Ja decides to return it to the owner. 

horizontal line one.513. Handi & V (United States) – Directed by Fenway Fan (Website:

Handi & V Poster

Synopsis: After grandma Handi passed away, grandpa V lived in sadness. One day he finds a picture missing from their photo album, he started either his illusions or a wander journey through time capsules… 

horizontal line one.514. Laya (Brazil) – Directed by Juliana Machado (Website:

Laya Poster

Synopsis: In a imaginary world, many characters where created based on musical instruments. Together they form other characters and build the conflict on the turbulent search search for itself. 

*Please note that the Films list is purely random and therefore doesn’t reflect a specific numeric/judging order.

Documentary Selected Films BUtiful 2013

Here there are the official selected films for the upcoming edition of the BUtiful Film Festival for the Documentary category*. We would like to thank all filmmakers that entered the Festival this year and congratulate to all of them for the amazing work they have produced! See you all the 22nd of November in Kimmeridge House at Bournemouth University for the screening of the Documentary films!

1. Behind the smoke screen (Netherlands) – Directed by Niels de Groot and Rami el Harayri

Behind the Smoke Screen Poster

Synopsis: While Steven is searching for his biological parents, many lies and obstacles make his efforts more difficult. Nevertheless, he insists on finding the truth.

horizontal line one.5

2. Las Miques (Mexico) – Directed by Raúl Flores Bernal

Las Miques Poster

Synopsis: The life of the four women nicknamed “Las Miques” has been one of fights and challenges against the odds. Admirable, working, colorful, strong, friendly and joyful are some of the adjectives that suits them well; these intriguing women live in the rural community of Loma de Flores, in México, where they forged their personalities in the country life. Soledad and Micaela are sisters who lost their mother since childhood. Their father, a farmer, had no choice but to put them to work, in the roles usually associated to men since they were their only daughters who loved his work like he did. Since then, these brave women have given their lives to the farmlands. Micaela had a child with a man who never cared about her and their daughter, called Blanca, but that wasn’t an obstacle to her for keeping working to give support to her child. Rosalba, daughter of one their other sisters found her true home with their two aunts, being like another daughter to them. Decades have passed from these events, and their daughters are now full-grown women. Season to season of harvest, they live by the day keeping working to the same lands that their father inherited to them. The younger ones never got married like their mothers, living their life in their own terms and with no dependence of men. Why do they have this determination to live without any masculine presence? How do they face an ever-changing world? The solitude, the hopes, their accomplishments, their laughs, their sayings tells us a vision of the world of simplicity, where the happiness resides in the everyday stuff. This peculiar lifestyle has taught them to face adversity in the way they cultivate their lands; with strength, mettle and determination, with the love to protect the most sacred possession they have: their legacy and their family.

horizontal line one.5

3. Art of Motion (United Kingdom) – Directed by Rhodri Williams

Art of Motion Fotogramma

Synopsis: A short documentary focusing on Lish, a traceur, and his realtionship with parkour. It looks behind the flips, perceptions the media have created and into the deeper philosophical nature.

horizontal line one.5

4. Where is Sharon? (United Kingdom) – Directed by Auste Serapinaite

Where is Sharon? Fotogramma2

Synopsis: Years after the first encounter on a bus to Vilnius, director Auste Serapinaite decides to find Olga – mother of a mixed race girl Sharon, which was recently taken away from her and sent to a foster home. Estranged from her family and home village, Olga wants to retrieve her child, but first she needs to find a job in the city. Through a constructive and intimate dialogue, the film draws a touching portrait of a woman, violently shaken between her dreams, hopes and reality.

horizontal line one.55. Contrato de Amor (Brazil) – Directed by Thais Fernandes, Leonor Jiménez, David Gonzàlez and Camilo Rodriguez

Contrato de amor Poster

Synopsis: The Poets Square, in Cali, Colombia, has this name in honor of the famous writers of the city. Still, the everyday anonymous poets are the ones occupying the place and transforming bureaucratic documents in poetry. How much are words of love worth? 

horizontal line one.56. Один (Ukraine) – Directed by Alina Golovina

Один Fotogramma

Synopsis: Leonid is a man of 55, who lives at senior living facility. He spent his life at children’s houses, dormitories and hospices. From the cradle Leonid’s life was full of renunciations. Everything started with maternity home where his mother, having seen the disfeatured face of her child with cleft palate and cleft lip, decided to decline the responsibility for his future and left him at Nizhyn orphanage. Together with Leonid we will just have a quick glance at his life, full of social bondage, and discover the terrible world of someone who has experienced distress and humiliation through their appearance. It is central for us to study the character’s personality and his inner world. With our main character, we will go round the senior living facility. We will see him help other people from the facility and live with those who have experienced their nearest and dearest’s faithlessness. We will plunge into Leonid’s memories and listen to his stories about taiga and life among animals. We will learn about Leonid’s world-view, his moral principles and habits. Leonid will show us a week from his life. Leonid will tell us about the most important thing for him, his innermost secret – his dream. As a person who has never had a place of his own, Leonid dreams about a house… His own house … And the society has heard him… It seems as if at the end of our story Leonid may be finally happy – he will see his dream come true. A small plot of land near the cemetery, which is several meters wide and long, is encircled by pegs hammered by Leonid to mark out his own territory. It is for the first time in his life that he owns something. We leave Leonid at his plot among the endless field and new-made graves, together with him, we will believe in this fairy-tale and see a sign that his plot is near a lonely tree which lost its way in the fields and can’t find a way out, staying here forever. 

horizontal line one.57. Trans March (Germany) – Directed by Simon Schultz von Dratzig

Trans*March fotogramma

Synopsis: The 10th annual trans*march took place on June 28th 2013 in San Francisco, CA. As the most politicized of the three marches during pride week in San Francisco it has a tradition of raising visibility of trans*-people and their issues. This short documentary is a collection of queer voices during the trans*march 2013 and reflects parts of the recent discussions concerning the trans*- and LGBT -movement.

horizontal line one.5

8. It’s a good life (United Kingdom) – Directed by Tasos Giapoutzis (Website:

It's a good life Poster

Synopsis: “It’s a good life” is a documentary exploring the life and experiences of Elidad; a young man who came from Rwanda to UK when he was a teenager. How deep can a war affect one’s life? Is it ever possible to get over it? 

horizontal line one.59. Give (United States) – Directed by Vanessa Leigh

Give Fotogramma

Synopsis: In life, there is man and his virtues. People walk about this earth and attempt to commit actions of good as some piece of charity or courage. As though their work is an apology of their conception, and their virtues penances. Some create a spectacle; glittering and loud. Others simply live humbly, quietly and without the need for assurance or recognition. Their deeds are simply love in action and life in play. Pamela Morrow; a wife, mother, and caregiver is an example of the latter. In ‘Give’, Director, Vanessa Leigh exposes the strength and spirit of her own mother, Pamela, as she provides aid and comfort to her husband, William, as she has daily since his Parkinson’s diagnosis in 1993. A relationship founded in health thirty three years ago, Pamela and William have battled this debilitating disease together. Both wake up each morning never quite knowing what to expect from the slow and inevitable process that comes along with it. A disease that keeps William at the edge of human experience, Parkinson’s has also altered Pamela’s life, as well. She happily sacrifices her independence in order to create a life experience only she and her husband understand, where she is her husband’s ‘giver’. A powerful documentary created in the spirit of all who care for those they love, ‘Give’ is a poignant and heartbreaking reminder that it is only when you give yourself, that you truly give.

horizontal line one.5

10. Um Dialogo de Ballet (Brazil) – Directed by Marcio Reolon and Filipe Matzembacher (Website:

Um Diálogo de Ballet Fotogramma3

 Synopsis: A young man and a senior man wake up. Time passes. And stops. 





*Please note that the Films list is purely random and therefore doesn’t reflect a specific numeric/judging order.

Martin Luke Brown to perform at BUtiful’s Awards Night




Genre: Hap-Hop/Hip-Pop BU_festival_1

Martin Luke Brown is self taught instrumentalist, writing since the age of 14. Packing gutsy vocals with toe tapping rhythms, Martin writes a real eclectic mix of songs with a distinct   ‘from the heart out the mouth’ feel. 

He has supported The Maccabees and Newton Faulkner amongst others and has played at the Olympic Games in 2012. 

He was heavily involved with BBC introducing and was part of a masterclass at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Martin has recently won the GIGS:Big Busk competition in London out of 3000 participants.


Martin will perform the 24th of November for the Awards Night at the BUtiful Film Festival. You don’t want to miss out!

Make sure to to follow him on Twitter @martinlukebrown and check out his Facebook page! 




With more than 300 films submitted from over 40 countries, the new Promotional Video of the BUtiful Film Festival take you behind the scenes of what the BUtiful is really about. With interviews with key supporters, newly films submitted and a direct contact with its organisers, the BUtiful Team is excited for everyone to join us at the Film Festival upcoming edition! Remember, the 22nd-23rd and 24th of November at Bournemouth University!

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White Lantern production company sponsors BUtiful Film Festival Award!


We are very proud to announce that White Lantern Film is now sponsoring our Best Drama award for the upcoming edition of the Festival. White Lantern’s director, Adam Merrifield is also the official judge for the same award. To the Best Drama’s award winner, White Lantern will offer its services by reading a script and offer a free coverage report and mentor advice on how to move the film forwards. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain real-life advice and support from film experts.

White Lantern will also be present at the screenings of the BUtiful Film Festival so that you can learn more about their amazing work and a representative of the company will come down the 24th of November to handle the award to the winner!

To learn more, visit the company’s website:

— White Lantern Film is a feature film production company based on the south coast of England. We have released the award-winning environmental documentary DRYING FOR FREEDOM and psychological thriller EMULSION. We are part of the BFI Film Academy, inspiring talented young film makers and support the local film industry in our home town of Bournemouth through B-Reel, a regular film networking and screening event.

Last year’s animation selected film ‘Chocolate Bacon’ become a Vimeo’s staff pick!

Last year’s animation selected film ‘Chocolate Bacon’ which now boost over 17K views, has just been chosen as a Vimeo staff pick! We are very proud of these young filmmakers accomplishments!
To learn more about the film:

Synopsis of film:
Chocolate bacon is a portrait of a young woman’s experiences in the first year of grad school, presented through a series of conversations re-contextualized by abstracted characters. The film is divided into 6 episodes showing slices of life from a 7 month time period and the voices are from real audio recordings. The vignettes are interspersed with pieces where the main character talks more specifically about her trials and tribulations in making the film.